Avoid the Top 10 Diamond Buying Mistakes – Just Ask Jonathan

Diamond buying mistakes

If you haven’t read The Top 10 Diamond Buying Mistakes When Buying a Diamond, go over there and read it.  I’ll sit here and wait.  Then, when you are done, come back over here and read about how to avoid those making those mistakes when buying a diamond.

Kennady Diamonds Struck Diamonds

Kennady Diamonds

Haven’t you always wanted to say “There’s diamonds in them there hills?” Well, Kennady Diamonds gets to say “There’s diamonds in them there kimberlites!”

9 Questions to Ask Your Jeweler Before Buying a Diamond

Questions for the Jeweler

As we know and have said about a million times that buying a diamond is one of the largest purchases you are going to make in your life, next to a house and a car, so you need to be smart when it comes to choosing a jeweler.  Whether you choose Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers as […]

August Match Made In Heaven – Matches Among Friends

August Match Made In Heaven

I had to share the August Match Made In Heaven because it warms my heart like no other match, unless it was my own daughter making a match.  Have a seat while I tell you a story…

Engagement Ring Design Elements – The Terms and Definitions

Engagement Ring Design Elements

As a consumer you have to be educated, and with the Internet it’s not hard to become educated in the ways of diamond and engagement ring buying. After all, there are hundreds of millions of articles on the 4 C’s of diamonds and thousands of articles on how to buy a diamond and trillions of […]